Practical guideline for specific medical conditions

A practical guide for aviation medical examiners (AME) and information for pilots, cabin crew, and air traffic controllers regarding the requirements for assessment before medical certification for specific health issues.

Please note that this page only shows diseases that currently have a guideline. We are continuously expanding with more disease guidelines.


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  Flowcharts EASA Regulation
 Atriefibrilation Class 1/2  Class 3  LAPL  Cabin Crew  MED. B.010  ATCO page 178    LAPL  Cabin Crew
 Ablation  Class 1/2 Class 3 LAPL    MED. B.010  ATCO page 178   LAPL  Cabin Crew
  Flowcharts    EASA Regulation   
 Obesity  Class 1/2  Class 3  LAPL Cabin Crew  MED. B.025  ATCO page 192   LAPL  Cabin Crew
  Flowcharts    EASA Regulation   
 Cataract Sugery  Class 1/2  Class 3  LAPL  Cabin Crew  MED. B.070  ATCO page 192   LAPL  Cabin Crew
Last updated 03-11-2023